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The world of the Hawke Girls.


The Hawke Girls’ Adventures will be a series of books featuring jasmine and Thyme Hawke as a pair of U.S. Secret Service agents, thwarting the nefarious actions of the League of the Black Falcon. The first book in the series is available now, The Lightning Bolts of Zeus. Book 2, The Storms of Atlantis is underway and, God willing, will be out sometime late 2014/early 2015.


The Young Hawke Girls will feature Jasmine and Thyme as children, exploring the world with their mother Anastasia Hawke. The first book, The Air Pirates of Casablanca will be coming soon from Pro Se Press in the Spring of 2014.


In addition to the two book series, the ladies and their supporting characters will appear in various short stories. We’ll keep you updated as to where to find them.

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