About the Hawke Girls



    In 1863, the world as we knew it changed forever. The advent of new technologies, namely steam, hydraulic and electrical sciences, created a new future for humanity. Like all sciences, however, certain men found perverse uses and hammered the new technologies into war machines.

    A broken United States was embroiled in a civil conflict, warring between the northern and southern states. The southern Confederacy which was dealing with a smaller population and a lack of industrial power, seized upon the new technologies. The Union chose not to use the new scientific advantages until the war began taking a drastic turn.

    The War Between the States was originally predicted to last no more than four years, but building on the successes of their new advantages, the Confederacy was able to maintain the struggle for nine years. In the end, the war took a staggering toll on the populous. The bulk of the male population, especially the young men of the reunified United States had been killed off and as a result, women found themselves called upon to take on the roles usually dominated by men.


    Now in the mid 1880’s, Jasmine Hawke and her younger sister Thyme lead a life of constant adventure as agents of the United States Secret Service. Following in the footsteps of their late mother, Anastasia, the young women travel the world battling a secretive order known only as the ‘League of the Black Falcon’.




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