Jasmine Hawke


Jasmine Abigail Hawke


Age:  23     

Birth date: February 14, 1862

Parents:   Mother: Anastasia Hawke          Father: Unknown

Current Job/ Employer:   Special Agent for the United States Secret Service

Background:   Jasmine was born on February 14, 1862 in Chattanooga, Tennessee to Anastasia Hawke. Due to her mother’s employment with a secretive branch of the U.S. government known as Blaine House, she moved constantly as a child. Blaine House, in intelligence gathering organization which later evolved into an offshoot of the U.S. Secret Service became her only true home.

As a child, Jasmine often accompanied her mother on missions, often traveling onboard the British Naval Airships commanded by Captain Lucius Alexander Bishop. As the years passed, Jasmine and Bishop developed a very close relationship. When Anastasia died in Jasmine’s arms while on a mission in London, their relationship grew even closer.

Jasmine has a close bond with her younger sister, Thyme. After their mother’s passing, she stepped up and took on both the role of older sister and mother to the young Thyme.

Special Skills: Highly skilled with firearms and trained in swordplay. Trained in law and investigative processes. Possesses acrobatic and numerous fighting skills.

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